Why Your Casino Account Might Get Blocked

    In virtual casinos, you can place bets with real money. To do this, you need to register and fund your account. Most establishments require you to verify your account after registration. Fulfilling these simple conditions is enough to start playing in an online casino. However, there are times when users have their accounts blocked. This is usually due to specific violations by the gamblers.

    Reasons for Blocking Gaming Accounts

    According to globally accepted standards, access to gambling services is only open to adult users. Registering more than one account for a single player, device, or IP address is prohibited. Violating these requirements automatically leads to the blocking of the account. Additionally, the casino can block your account after registration for the following reasons:

    • Creating multiple accounts in the same casino by a single user (multi-accounts).
    • Providing incorrect, erroneous, or knowingly false information during registration and verification.
    • Using someone else’s details (phone numbers, emails) or payment instrument information (cards, e-wallets).
    • Applying various strategies during gameplay to increase the likelihood of winning.

    Casino security services carefully monitor users’ IP addresses to detect multi-accounts. If someone registers repeatedly from the same email address, the casino staff may request documents to confirm the user’s identity. Upon discovering violations or inconsistencies, multi-accounts are blocked.

    Other Violations by Players

    If a casino identifies that a player wins on slot machines at a certain frequency or increases bets following a specific pattern, they may suspect fraud and the use of strategies. This can lead to an account being blocked.

    A common reason for blocking is bonus hunting. This phenomenon is considered an abuse of casino bonus offers. In many casinos, it is allowed to activate one of the available bonuses, meet its wagering requirements, and then use another gift.

    Another reason for blocking gaming accounts is attempting unauthorized access to the slot machines and hacking. However, such violations are rare since they require a significant level of programming knowledge. To avoid issues with account blocking, you should carefully fill out the registration form, provide accurate information, use your own payment method for depositing and withdrawing funds.