How to Unlist/Remove my Phone Number from TrueCaller

How to remove my Phone number from TrueCaller: This tutorial is all about How to remove your Phone number from TrueCaller. Very interesting right..! In this tutorial I will tell you how you can unlist your Phone number from TrueCaller. You may thought of it many times “How to remove my Phone number from TrueCaller”. I have the procedure to delete your Phone number from TrueCaller. In this tutorial I will share you the procedure and will guide you to remove your Phone number from TrueCaller.

remove my Phone number from TrueCaller

Remove your Phone Number from TrueCaller

I guess that you all are well acquainted with TrueCaller App, which helps in many things like “how to identify unknown incoming calls, how to block unwanted spam calls etc. It also helps in making appropriate suggestions based on name and location to find right contact.

Although there are many uses of TrueCaller App, if you want your Phone number not to be shared across internet simply you can remove your number from TrueCaller App or unlist your number from True Caller App Database. In this article I am going to add some easy steps to delete your phone number from being searchable or unlist from TrueCaller App database.

There may be many situations where you don’t want your name to be displayed when you call someone who is having TrueCaller app installed on their mobiles and I am sure that you have thought of deleting your contact details from TrueCaller at least once. So, just follow the procedure which I explained in this article to remove your phone number from TrueCaller app. Before that, I will give you some information on how this True Caller Works and how Phone numbers will be saved on TrueCaller database.

How TrueCaller actually works

Here is how the TrueCaller app works. As soon as you install TrueCaller app on your smart phone, it will gain the access of your contacts under phone book and updates its own database with new numbers and names which are not in its database.

Thus your contacts are being shared with TrueCaller app common database. So be careful!!! This is how your valuable private data gets shared over internet. SO, if you want your contacts to be private, you need to unlist your Phone number from the TrueCaller Database.

How TrueCaller finds new number which is not in contact list

Do you ever thought of how actually TrueCaller is going to save your details in its database? Some may be, here is how it happens: When an unknown person who is not in your contact list calls you, True Caller checks its own common database and gives you the name of that particular person.

If the same number is mapped with different names (Ofcourse different people saves a person name differently!!!) it follows alphabetical order and gives you the first name in the list.

How to Remove my Phone number from TrueCaller – Delete contact from TrueCaller

Now, I will tell you how to remove my Phone number from TrueCaller. However many of us don’t like to share our personal details for private concerns. If you do not want your number searchable on TrueCaller app just follow these easy steps:

  • If you have registered an account with TrueCaller, you need to disable it before going to remove Phone number from TrueCaller. This step is to ensure that you are the owner of the Phone number you are trying to unlist.
  • If you are not sure on how to disable your TrueCaller account, just follow below procedure to disable TrueCaller account.

Android Users:

  • Open TrueCaller app and tap on the people icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on Settings à About and then Click on Deactivate account.

iPhone Users:

  • Open TrueCaller app and tap on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on About TrueCaller and scroll down to see Deactivate TrueCaller Button. Just click on Deactivate TrueCaller Button to deactivate TrueCaller account.

After deactivating the TrueCaller account, your number still be there in the TrueCaller Database. To remove your Phone number from TrueCaller, follow below steps carefully.

  • Go to to unlist or remove your number from TrueCaller database.
  • You will see a UNLIST FORM where you need to enter your Phone number.
  • Fill UNLIST FORM and enter your number along with country code in the appropriate field.
  • Choose the reason form the list of reasons available or enter your own in the other filed
  • Enter the verification code and click on UNLIST button to remove your Phone number from TrueCaller Database.

After form submission your number will be automatically removed from TrueCaller App database within 24 hours. This is all about this tutorial on how to remove or delete or unlist your phone numbers from TrueCaller. By following this tutorial you can remove your contacts from TrueCaller Database. Please share this useful article on how to remove my Phone Number from TrueCaller and help your friends to know about this.

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