[Fixed] TutuApp won’t install/download, TutuApp not working

Fix TutuApp not working issues – most of the iOS users are very much curious to know the fix for TutuApp errors while installing and downloading TutuApp and Pokemon Go. This post helps iOS users for those TutuApp won’t download/install on their iPhone/iPad. If you are unable to install/download TutuApp at this time then please follow below tips to fix TutuApp issues on both iOS and Android.

TutuApp is so far the best iOS App market place using which you can get paid apps and tweaked games for free for both Android and iOS Platforms. You don’t have to jailbreak your iDevices to install TutuApp and its apps. Whether you are using TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad or Android device, the common issue that users will face is, TutuApp not working on Android, iOS devices especially when you try to install Pokemon Go game. For some users TutuApp wont download on iOS devices, TutuApp won’t install, and some users are unable to install TutuApp on Android devices, TutuApp won’t download.

TutuApp not working on iOS, Android

There are couple of things that you can do on your Android and iOS devices before going to download TutuApp to avoid these issues. Say, for example; I would like to tell you one instance where I have faced severe problems with TutuApp. Soon after the release of Pokemon Go, I tried installing it on my iPhone 6S using TutuApp, and after many failed attempts I was managed to install TutuApp and I was unable to download Pokemon Go at that time. I am sure that even many users are still trying to install TutuApp on their iPhone/iPad.

Most of the times if you are unable to install TutuApp, it is because of unstable server and it is because of the heavy traffic to tutu servers. All you have to do in that case is to try again after 15 minutes or may be after some time.

TutuApp won’t download or TutuApp won’t Install at this time Error

Note: TutuApp has released stable version of TutuApp – Tutu Helper VIP which is the paid version of TutuApp, you can also download Tutu Helper Regular version,which is the free version of TutuApp. Tutu Helper Apk for Android is also available in English language. Please try to download Tutu Helper for iOS devices.

This is not a fix for TutuApp errors, but you can try this work around to install TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

  • Clear App data and cache of both TutuApp and Pokemon Go on your handset and try to reinstall TutuApp again – This fixes all the TutuApp errors most of the times. If you are still unable to install TutuApp on iOS/Android try to reset the network settings and try to install TutuApp again.
  • To reset network settings on Android devices: Go to Settings -> Backup & Reset and now tap on Reset Network settings button. When asked for confirmation, tap on Reset Settings again.
  • To Reset Network Settings on iOS: Go to Settings -> General -> Reset. Now select Reset Network Settings. A pop up will comes up in the bottom of the screen asking you to confirm this. Tap on Reset Network Settings again.
  • Before going further, try to clear the cache and history of Safari browser as well. This you can do by going to Settings -> Safari and scroll down until you see Clear History and Website Data. Tap on Clear History and Data.

Now try to install TutuApp or Tutu Helper again on your iOS/Android device. If you still face any problems, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This is BS I paid for TUTU on two devices both keep having issues downloading. Never getting response from TUTU. I paid two times for both devices. and maybe I get seven days without crashing. MAYBE. Now nothing. I do everything you suggest and it doesn’t work. I suppose I complain to paypal and thats it.

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