Tutuapp could not be Installed or Downloaded at this time – Fix

“Tutuapp could not be Installed/Downloaded at this time” This is really a serious error that most of the iOS users might have faced while trying to install TutuApp Store App. You might have tired of trying all the tricks you found in the internet to fix the error “Tutuapp cannot not be Downloaded/Installed at this time ” but nothing worked for you. The main problem which users are facing with TutuApp is its language, if it could have been in English then the situation could be much better. Any how, for those who are facing the error TutuApp Could not be downloaded at this time or tutuapp unable to download app once after downloading the app, tutupp wont install while installing if you are getting the error TutuApp could not be installed at this time error then I have a few workarounds to fix this issue. May be these workarounds will work for few of you and may be they won’t for some others.

Here I am giving you the best possible workarounds to fix the error Tutuapp cannot be Installed at this time or Tutuapp unable to install/download at this time. Basically, you will see this error while installing many of the apps either from Apple App Store or from any third party App Stores. There are more chances that this issue could be with your WiFi router. If your phone is connected to internet with WiFi router, then you should apply this first workaround on your WiFi.

TutuApp Could not be Downloaded or Installed at this time

When you are trying to download any app and if you get the error Tutuapp could not be Installed/Downloaded at this time then try again to download TutuApp form different WiFi connection. If the app is installed, then there could be a problem with your WiFi router.
Just follow these below steps to trace out the issue, as this error can appear with any of the apps, better you can fix it at your router end.

  • Connect to WiFi router’s ip address in browser, you can just find it in Google. There will a default IP address for these routers.
  • Login to your WiFi portal where you can change the settings.
  • Go to DNS Server Settings of your router.
  • Change DNS server address to which is Google’s public DNS server IP.
  • Save settings and logout and try to download the app now.

Hope that this will fix the error Tutuapp could not be downloaded or Installed at this time if there was an issue with your router.
If you don’t feel that there is an issue with the WiFi, then follow the date trick which works most of the times for many apps which face this Unable to Download error.

Tutuapp could not be Installed or Downloaded at this time error

This is the most famous trick to fix Tutuapp could not be Installed or downloaded at this time error. It is very simple, you just need to change a few settings in your iPhone/iPad to fix this issue.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Date& Time and toggle OFF Set Automatically option.
  • Change date to any date and month in 2012, let’s say June 12, 2012 and try to install TutuApp again.
  • It should work without any errors.
  • Once after the app is installed, again revert back the settings in Date & Time and toggle ON Set Automatically option.

Hope that this workaround will fix the error Tutuapp cannot be Installed/Downloaded at this time.

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  1. Sosefo Mailangi says:

    I’ve tried all the solution work arounds but I’m still getting the “tutuhelper could not be installed at this time” error message…The app almost loads and then message pops up…I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…I’ve deleted all apps downloaded from tutuhelper along with the initial tutuhelper app, and tried to reinstall and nothing….

    • I have the same problem. I also sent an assistance request by mail to tutu helper assistance and I exposed the question. Until 2 days ago everything worked perfectly including the apps I downloaded from tutu app VIP. After, I tried to open the apps and tutu app VIP too and everything crashed and didn’t open. So, I deleted every app including TutuApp VIP and I tried to install, re-install again and again and nothing changed . Every time I read : impossible downloading tutu app helper. Try later.

    • Same, I’ve tried everything suggested here and I’m still getting the “cannot be installed at this time” notification :(

    • I’m getting this also!! Very annoying.
      I cant seem to fix it

    • Viet Nam Good says:

      i know change into, and you will get it

    • Nintendude says:

      Same!!!! I think it’s that update that came out for it recently…

  2. Caroline says:

    This is exactly what we’ve been seeing here for the past week or so. Any ideas how to get this downloaded and installed? I tried setting the date to 2012….etc

  3. CaliRider says:

    Doesn’t help it :(

  4. Same problem with me. Tried searching for googles for solutions and this where I end up.

  5. Its happening again…

  6. This works for me without backtracking the date and resetting the network.

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