Tutu Helper not working/ not Opening, Tutu Helper Crashed and Unable to download

Tutu Helper not working 2017 – Unable to download/Install Tutu Helper/crashing/not opening/not launching: Regular version of Tutu Helper for iOS users was released recently as an updated version for Tutu App. Tutu App is the most popular app in the recent times to download paid apps and jailbreak tweaks. As the original Tutu App is in Chinese language, all the non native users are facing trouble in using this App. Now as an update for Tutu App, Tutu Helper App was released for iOS users with all the good features of Tutu App included and some added features like, user interface was changed and now Tutu Helper is available in English language. In the recent times users are facing issues like Tutu Helper wont download/Install and Unable to Download/Install Tutu Helper at this time, here we will see possible Fixes for Tutu Helper not working issues.

The Paid version of Tutu Helper is named as VIP version which is very stable when compared to Regular Tutu Helper version. Regular version of Tutu Helper is free to download and can be downloaded form the official TutuApp website. Here is the step by step procedure to install Tutu Helper App for iOS 10, 10.0.2 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

Tutu Helper not working – Unable to download Tutu Helper – Tutu Helper wont download

You may face Tutu Helper App Crashing issues with Regular version of the app. Regular version is really unstable when compared to Tutu Helper VIP version. Once the certificate is revoked, Tutu Helper may crash and you will be unable to download Tutu Helper App and you may not be able to open other downloaded apps from Tutu Helper. So, if you are facing Tutu Helper Crashing issues or if Tutu Helper is not opening or not launching on your device then there is nothing wrong with your iPhone/iPad. This is because of the certificate revocation”.

The developers of Tutu Helper are suggesting to install VIP version of Tutu Helper to get rid of all the app crashes. But if you are really patient enough then you can wait until it is fixed. VIP version is very good option which will never crash and will never gets you into troubles while downloading apps.

Once the certificate issue is fixed, you need to re-download the app using Tutu Helper download for iOS 10.0.2/10.1 for iPhone/iPad, until then Tutu Helper won’t download/install. You may face similar issues if the certificate revoked again. So, it’s a better option to download Tutu Helper VIP version to avoid these errors with Tutu Helper App.

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  1. Um, I have the VIP Version but still the Games do not work anymore, it says Certification is not valid any more. Now i have to delete it and download it again… what a scam. waste of money for the vip version

  2. I have the tutu helper VIP and keeps crashing. Any suggestions?

  3. On average how long after certificate revocation by apple does TuTuHelper become available to download again?

  4. I cant dơnload GTA San Andreas hack that Tutuhelp have,so do you know what app can íntal GTA SA hack for me,please

  5. the new GTA San Andreas hack works but then it starts glitching showing blue everywhere and now the graphics turn blue what should i do

  6. The tutu not updating Is estimate time when it’s going to start updating

  7. My apps aren’t installing on the free version. I deleted the app and redownloaded it again but it still isn’t working. I use IOS. any ideas on what to do

  8. Unable to install at this time… what can I do. Tried all options on searching but still doesn’t install. Please help

  9. I had been wait d for some time now and even sent email to tutu helper team. Unable to download even the tutu VIP version. Wonder anyone meeting the same issue too and any way to resolve?

  10. Clayton says:

    When is the next update? How will they notify us when it’s fixed? This sucks

  11. When I open an app from TuTuHelper it says I need to trust it in settings. I did this and it does not do anything. TuTuHelper has been working in the passed very well so I hope they fix it soon. Will I need to redownload TuTuHelper or any of its the apps once it’s fixed?

  12. I can not verify installed app and tutuhelper itself
    Verification disappeared

  13. Raja Faisal says:

    Very disappointed with Vip version of TuTu Helper, please do not waste money on this shit. it did not even worked for a month and i paid $12.99. there is absolutely no support available is anything goes wrong. i tried contacting every where and sent emails and messages on Facebook and twitted on twitter but all in vain no reply.

  14. Does it delete the data on your games when you reinstall it? I was halfway through final fantasy 6 when it suddenly took a shit on me. I really don’t want to have to re-start

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