ShowBox App Not Working – All Showbox Issues/Problems Fixed

Everyone loves to watch movies in our smartphones and we have so many apps available for us to download movies and watch them online. The list includes PlayBox HD, ShowBox, Movie HD, MegaBox HD etc. In the previous article we have seen some of the PlayBox HD common issues and here we will see some of the issues which users are facing with ShowBox.  In the recent times, some of the Showbox users are reporting that Showbox app is not working very effectively, there are still some problems with Showbox which are actually very frustating to its users.  In this article we will see all those and possible solutions to fix them.

Showbox is a beautifully designed app to download and watch free movies, TV shows on your Android Phones, iPhones and PCs. You can download ShowBox for Android and Showbox for PC as well. Showbox has a very big collection of free movies, episodes, TV Shows etc. If you need a full length entertainment in your life, then download Showbox for android/iOS devices.

showbox errors problems fixed

Showbox errors problems fixed

Showbox is the most popular entertainment app till the date. It captured the attention of movie lovers like anything. The only reason that Showbox is so popular today is, the features that it offers to its users. There are so many good features to mention about Showbox app and there are also some problems that are there with Showbox app as well.

Showbox Video not Available – Showbox Video not loading

It is the most common Showbox error that users will see. This Videos not Available error can be solved very easily. Just go to the Showbox Settings -> Server option -> then switch between different servers available. With this simple tip, you can solve the Showbox Video not available or Showbox video not loading error.

Showbox not working on Android/iOS or Showbox app not working on PC

Showbox not working on Android/iOS/PC error is because of the insufficient memory available in your smartphone or may be because of your tedious usage of Showbox app. This error generally equivalent to Showbox app crashing. So, to overcome this Showbox not working on PC/iOS/Android error, just release some memory of your Phone. One more simple solution is download the Updated Version of Showbox app. Download Showbox Apk Latest Version

Showbox VK.COM Captcha issue

This Showbox VK.COM Captcha problem will come up whenever you are trying to stream a video. It is asking you to solve the Captcha and eventually there will be some login issues. Please download the latest version of Showbox Apk to fix this Showbox VK.COM Captcha error.

Showbox Server Not Available – Showbox Video not available try another server

Showbox Server not available, Showbox video not available try another server, are the errors that users will face very often when trying to download or while playing movies. If you encounter such errors, just clear the cache and app data of Showbox app.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Showbox -> Clear Cache and App data

This will fix this Showbox Server Not Available – Showbox Video not available try another server error and your Showbox app will start working as usual.

Showbox app Subtitles are missing – missing subtitles in Showbox

There is no guarantee that subtitles will be there for all movies in Showbox. So, if subtitles are missing for any movie, then download subtitles file to your Phone/PC and load it into Showbox from Showbox Settings -> Subtitles

Unfortunately Showbox has stopped working Error

This error is similar to the crash of Showbox app, this time you need to update or install the latest Showbox Apk and clear the app data and Cache of Showbox app.

These are the most common errors that you will face while using Showbox app, If you encounter a different error, then post in the comments section. I hope that I have provided you all the best solutions to fix Showbox app errors/problems. If you find this article on most common Showbox app not working errors useful, share it on social media.

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  1. Regina B. says:

    Hi, hope that possibly you might be able to help me out???? I recently downloaded the showbox app, updated an everything was working great!!! then, one day I went to work had a meeting so I turned off my phone
    , later that same day I decided to watch a tv show and wasn’t no longer able, to “Watch Now”, it only say “Download”…so I’m lefted with only that option, unlike before…so I did try uninstalling it and retrying it again
    , but the same thing happened….Please Help!!!!

  2. Shaaron Heasman says:

    Just downloaded the latest version of show box, selected a movie , cast it via all cast to my chrome cast and enjoyed the movie until it stopped half way through! This happened on 3 different occasions. How do I fix this.

  3. Ravi Sriram says:

    It used to work. Now it won’t play video unless I download a video player. I have had to disable it, unfortunately. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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