How to Run Two WhatsApp accounts on single iPhone/iPad/iPod Without Jailbreak

How to Run Two WhatsApp accounts on single iPhone/iPad/iPod Without Jailbreak: If one WhatsApp is installed in your iPhone, you do not require another iPhone to download another WhatsApp. Now you can install two WhatsApp instances in a single iPhone using a simple tweak so, trick your iPhone to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Want to know how? Then read our step by step tutorial to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on single Phone.

run two whatsapp accounts on iphone


Please be clear that you can use two different WhatsApp accounts each a different phone number. You might be thinking that you may need to jailbreak your iPhone; the answer is No. You no need to jailbreak your iPhone to download two WhatsApp on one Phone.

Using this tutorial, you can try to use two WhatsApp accounts on single iPhone/iPad/iPod running on iOS 9/9.0.2/9.1/9.2. You can also give a try if you are updated to iOS 9.3. The simple tweak that we are using here is WhatsApp 2, using which we will accomplish our goal of installing two WhatsApp accounts on Single iPad/iPod/iPad mini/Air. Moving further, we will discuss the steps to follow on how to do that in a very simple way.

It is worth mentioning before moving any further that the tweak that we are using is untrusted by Apple, you need to trust that source to install it. Keeping the security risks in mind, it’s up to you whether to proceed further or not but, we didn’t find any issues with the tweak. In that matter most of the entertainment apps like PlayBox HD, Movie HD and CinemaBox etc. are untrusted by Apple, but they have countless number of fans.

How to Use/ Run two WhatsApp accounts on single iPhone/iPad/iPod running on iOS 9.0.2/9.2/9.1/9

It’s better to start discussing about the procedure to download two WhatsApp on single iPhone with some discussion on the tweak WhatsApp 2. WhatsApp 2 is a simple tweak which lets you install two WhatsApp on single iPhone. You can download WhatsApp 2 from some Cydia sources, which I will give you shortly.

  • Download WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp page or from App Store and install it following usual way.
  • Now activate it using your Primary mobile number. The first WhatsApp account is ready to use now.
  • To install the second WhatsApp, visit from the Safari browser on iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Scroll down to see WhatsApp 2, tap on it.
  • You will see an Orange color WhatsApp and a green button with text written in some other language. Tap on Green button to download WhatsApp 2.
  • A pop up will show on the screen asking for the confirmation to install. Tap on Install button.
  • Wait for some time for WhatsApp 2 to download and install.
  • Once the installation is finished, head over to Settings -> General -> Profiles
  • There you will find the profile of developer, just tap on the profile and in the next screen you will see Trust “VNE SOFTWARE…” tap on it and when asked for confirmation tap on Trust button.
  • Now try to launch the second WhatsApp, it should open without any errors.

Now follow the same procedure to activate WhatsApp using your second number. The procedure is quiet simple to follow. If you are facing any errors, drop it in comments section below. Thanks for reading this article on How to run two WhatsApp accounts on single iPhone without Jailbreak.

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