Parallel Space Multi Accounts App – Install Dual WhatsApp on Single Phone

Parallel Space-multi accounts apk is an android app using which we can install two instances of same app in single Phone. You might be searching for an app which helps to install two WhatsApp accounts or two Instagram accounts, if so then Parallel Space Apk for Android is the one you are searching for. Parallel Space App is not limited for WhatsApp only, for that matter you can duplicate any app on your phone. As most of the people would be interested to download two WhatsApp accounts, Parallel Space for WhatsApp download is best as it is official way to install two WhatsApp. Parallel Space for iPhone or iPad/iPod Touch was not released. We can expect Parallel Space for iOS app available soon in App Store. Same is the case with Parallel Space app for Windows Phone as well. Parallel Space for Windows Phone is not yet released. But with the help of BlueStacks Emulator, we can download Parallel Space for Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1/7 PC to install dual WhatsApp on PC.



Within few days after its release, Parallel Space Android app became very popular as it is not slowing down your Phone. Parallel space app creates a virtual environment on your Phone and facilitate us to install dual WhatsApp accounts. It won’t take much time for Parallel Space app apk download, as it is very lite and you can directly download Parallel Space Apk for Android from Google Play Store. As Parallel Space for iPad Pro/iPhone is not available still, we can use this procedure to run two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Once Parallel Space app for iPhone is available, we can install two WhatsApp accounts officially. It is the perfect way to use two WhatsApp without the help of some other apps like WhatsMapp.

Parallel Space Multi Accounts App Apk download – Install two WhatsApp on Single Phone

Installing multiple instances of same app is now very easy with the help of Parallel Space-multi accounts Apk. You will feel it easy to use this app and you can duplicate any app you wish. Here I will tell you how to install two WhatsApp accounts on single Phone using Parallel Space Multiple Accounts App for Android. Once after Parallel Space app for iOS 10/9.3.2/9.4/9.3.1 is made available, I will update the procedure for iOS.

  • Install Parallel Space-Multi Accounts Apk for Android from Google Paly Store to your Android mobile. Parallel Space app for iPad/iPhone is not available now
  • Once after the installation is completed, launch the app from the parallel Space icon on the home screen.


  • Tap on + sign to install second WhatsApp account.
  • In the next screen you will be asked to add an App. Choose the app which you want to duplicate. In our case choose WhatsApp to install the second instance of WhatsApp on Parallel Space Multi accounts app. Wait for few seconds to complete Parallel Space WhatsApp download. This might be the procedure even with parallel Space app for iPhone once after it is released.


  • Once after the installation is completed, tap on Parallel Space WhatsApp to create a new WhatsApp account with your second number.
  • Tap on Agree and continue and proceed to verify your phone number after entering your country and Phone number on Parallel Space WhatsApp.
  • Once the verification code is received for Parallel Space WhatsApp account, enter the verification code and verify your Phone number.
  • That’s it, now you can use this Parallel Space WhatsApp account as your second WhatsApp account.
  • Once you close Parallel Space app, you won’t receive notifications for your Parallel Space WhatsApp. Whenever you wish to use your second WhatsApp, launch Parallel Space-multi accounts App and then use WhatsApp on Parallel Space.

We are done with the procedure to download two WhatsApp accounts on single Android device using Parallel Space – Multi Accounts Apk for Android. You can start using Parallel Space WhatsApp as your second WhatsApp account once after you verify your second phone number. If you wish to download Parallel Space app for iOS on iPhone/iPad, you need to wait for some time. Hope that I have introduced you to a new useful app. Share your views about Parallel Space app in comments below.

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