Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow update issues

Lenovo K3 Note Marshmallow update issues: Recently, Lenovo the budget phone brand released Marshmallow update for Lenovo K3 Note. You might want to know how to upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow in Lenovo K3 Note, but if you have already upgraded your phone to Marshmallow, then you might be facing some of the update issues after Marshmallow update in Lenovo K3 Note. I have gathered a few issues in Lenovo K3 Note after Marshmallow update and here I am providing solutions to them.

lenovo k3 note marshmallow update issues

lenovo k3 note marshmallow update issues

The main issues that you might face after Marshmallow update are the heating issues, Wi-Fi problem and the touch problem. Some may face issues with camera as well. For these issues, after some R&D, I found some solutions to these problems which I found in my phone. You may be facing some different issues, but these are the issues that most of the users will face. Please drop your issues in the comments section, so that others might have a solution to your problems.

Error with Installed Applications

It is the common issue after every upgrade that some apps will not work soon after the upgrade. This might be because of so many reasons but the most familiar answer to this is the incompatibility of the App with the current Android Version. As a quick turn around you can upgrade all the apps to the latest version. It the problem still exists, just uninstall the app and reinstall again. In most of the cases this will solves the issue. If that too didn’t work then follow the process explained below.

  • Backup every data, including contacts and files to your computer, not to the SD Card.
  • With sufficient battery remaining, factory reset your phone with the SD card still inserted in your Phone. This will not erase the updated Marshmallow.
  • Now, after the factory reset you will see a popup asking how you want to use your memory card.
  • Choose as portable device, if you choose it as internal storage, you will see some apps installed on the SD Card’s storage and if you remove SD Card, those apps won’t work.
  • Now you will see another popup asking you to format your memory card, just proceed to format it.
  • Now install all the apps from the Play Store and this time everything will work without any issues.

Now the other error after the Marshmallow update in Lenovo K3 Note is the Heating issue, you can use the below steps as the fix for heating issue in Lenovo K3 Note after Marshmallow update.

Lenovo K3 Note Heating issue solution

The below process involves some work around where you need to reset your Lenovo K3 Note, so, take complete backup of your phone before proceeding further. For this go to Settings -> Backup & reset -> back up my data.

  • Power off the your Lenovo K3 Note mobile
  • Now Press Volume up, Volume Down and Power button at a time to see the boot options on the screen.
  • Use Power button to select and volume buttons to move up and down.
  • Select the Wipe Cache Partition option and press power button to wipe the cache.
  • Now after that, Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and press power button.
  • Now after the above two steps, select reboot system now option to reboot the Lenovo K3 Note Phone.
  • After that, restore all the data from the backup store.

This will work to fix the heating issue in your Lenovo K3 Note Phone after Marshmallow update. If you are still facing the issue, just reset the phone twice and see if you still face the issue.

Lenovo K3 note Wifi Problem after Marshmallow update

This is the very common issue after every Android update. To solve this Wifi issue, just power off your mobile and power it on and now try to connect to the Wifi network. It will connect for sure. If you are still facing the issue, just tap on the WLAN connections and tap on the forget network and then try to connect again.

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  1. Bhaswati ghosh says:

    Thesome files are not be opened ,is downloaded in download option from website-What are the solutions of this problem

    • Bhaswati ghosh says:

      Thesome files are not be opened ,is downloaded in download option from website-What are the solutions of this problem in lenovo k3 note

  2. Harish Kumar says:

    Hi, I’m using K3 Note On Marshmallow. My problem is My Dolby Sound feature not working . Dolby Atmos App Is opening but Power icon Is not highlighted in Dolby App.
    Plz Help Me in this issue

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