Root Android Phone /Tablet Now With a Single Click

This tutorial is all about How to Root Android Phone or Tablet by using a software called Kingo Android Root. In tutorial I will tell you how to root android Phone or tablet with a detailed step by step procedure. In this tutorial I will also tell you how to unroot android Phone using Kingo Root.

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Root Android phone or tablet now with just a single click using an application called Kingo Android Root. Rooting android phone makes you the super user of your device; it is similar to jailbreaking in iOS devices. In short terms, rooting is unlocking the operating system of your phone. It means after rooting your android device you can install all the third party apps which are unapproved by Google.  You can update your Android version before actually getting update to your Android device. You can boot your Android device with a custom ROM and you can customize the OS etc. Explicitly, you can do whatever you want after rooting your Android device.

Root Android Phone /Tablet with Kingo Root

For new and average Android users, this rooting and custom ROM may seem to be a new terms. But for a sound android user these are very familiar. Even if you are a high end android user or an average user, you should be very cautious while rooting android device otherwise there is a chance of bricking your android device.

But in the recent times this rooting became very simple with this handy tool Kingo Android Root. Kingo Android Root automatically detects your Android device when you connect your device to the PC to start the rooting process. Kingo Android Root is a software available for Windows 10/8/7/8.1 PCs for free. There may not be any risk involved in rooting your Android device with Kingo Android Root. This Kingo Android Root is capable of rooting almost all Android devices including Samsung, HTC, Moto, Google, Micromax, Huawei, Sony, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, LG, ONEPLUS, Mi and the list continus.

One more interesting and useful feature with Kingo Android root is that you can actually reverse the process of rooting with the same tool.

Download Kingo Android Root for Windows 10/7/8/8.1 PC

As I said, this Kingo Android Root is available for free download and it won’t charge you anything. You can use this tool for rooting Android Phones or tablets from your PC. The Procedure to root an Android device is matter of few clicks, we will see the steps to root Android device using this Kingo Android Root tool in this article. So, here I am giving you the link to download Kingo Android Root software for Windows 10/8/7/8.1/XP PCs.

Download Kingo Android Root for Windows 10/8/7/8.1/XP

Now we will see the step by step procedure to root android devices using Kingo Android Root. As a precaution make sure that this rooting process may remove all the data present in your Android Phone/tablet. So, I suggest you to please take backups of all the data present in your device including contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, documents, etc.

 Step by step procedure to root Android Phone /Tablet using Kingo Android Root

Follow below step by step procedure to root android phone or tablet. By Using Kingo Root software, you can root android phone with a single click. Without any delay, just jump into the procedure to root android phone

Step: 1

You need Kingo Android Root software for your Windows 10/8/7/8.1 PC, so download it from the link provided above in this article and Install it on your Windows PC.

Step: 2

Enable USB Debugging mode in your Android Phone. If you have any doubts then you can read this article on how to enable USB debugging mode in all Android versions.

Step: 3

Run Kingo Android Root on your Windows PC and connect your Android phone to your PC via USB Cable. After some time, you will see that Kingo Android Root application is connected to your Android phone as shown in the image below.

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Step: 4

After connecting your android device you will see your device information and some notes in the Kingo Android Root application, read them carefully before proceeding and click on Root button to root your Android Device.

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It will take roughly a couple of minutes to root your android device. Once after rooting is completed you phone will reboot automatically.It’s done. Now your Android Phone is rooted, you are now the superuser of your Android device. Now you will have privileged permissions and you can be able to install Custom ROM, uninstall system applications etc.

For some reason, if you want to remove root from your Android device, you can easily do this again with just a single click. Once after rooting your device , you will see Remove Root button. Just click on this button to unroot your android device.

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You can unroot your Android device at any time. If you have rooted your Android device with Kingo Root and if you want to unroot your Android device, then you will directly see this page after connecting your Phone to Kingo Root.

Note: The process of Rooting will void your Android device’s Warranty and this website is not liable for any of the damage caused to your device during the process. We are not responsible if you brick your device. You can proceed at your own risk.

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