GoldenFalconOS for iOS – GoldenFalconOS Apk download for Android

GoldenFalconOS for iOS – GoldenFalconOS download for iPhone, iPad: Installing the tweaked apps, hacked games and Cydia apps will un-hide the real potential of your iPhone/iPad in terms of its usability. Of course Apple enforced many restrictions on the apps in Apple Store and any app which violates the AppStore policies should stand out of the court and this brings so many other alternatives for Apple AppStore to install tweaked apps, Cydia apps and jailbreak apps for free without actually jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. In that category, GoldenFalconOS iOS App Store is trending now among the iOS folks. Similar to many other sources like Hackz4iOS, FlekStore and TweakBox you can use GoldenFalconOS iOS App to install tweaked apps without jailbreaking. GoldenFalconOS download is free and it won’t charge you anything to install apps from its App Store. Here I will tell you how to download GoldenFalconOS for iOS 10, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.1, 9.3 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.



TweakBox is also more trendy these days and you can find few flashed apps, tweaked apps there for free. You can as well find few pro apps which are free to download. Similar is the case with GoldenFalconOS App. Here in GoldenFalconOS iOS App, everything is categorized. You can find Hacked Games, Tweaked Apps and Cydia apps in separate categories. Unlike Tutu and Haimawan, GoldenFalconOS is available in English. Just proceed to download GoldenFalconOS for iOS 9/9.3/9.3.1/9.3.2/9.3.3/9.3.5, iOS 10.2, 10.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.1 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak as GoldenFalconOS is safe to install. Just for the information, the developers of GoldenFalconOS also released PlatinumFalconOS iOS App for iPhone/iPad. Interestingly PlatinumFalconOS download and GoldenFalconOS download are same.

GoldenFalconOS iOS App – GoldenFalconOS download for iPad, iPhone No jailbreak

GoldenFalconOS download is compatible with all the recent iOS versions like 10.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, iOS 10, 9.3.5, 9.3.3, iOS 9.3.2, 9.3.1, iOS 9.3, 9.2.1, 9.2, iOS 9, iOS 8+ and iOS 7+ versions. You can install GoldenFalconOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices without jailbreak. Once after installing you can download your favorite games like Minecraft PE, Temple Run, Pokemon Go etc. for free. You are free to download GoldenFalconOS Minecraft and GoldenFalconOS Pokemon Go without jailbreaking and without paying any money.

  • launch Safari browser and visit from your iPhone/iPad on which you want to install GoldenFalconOS iOS App.
  • Once after the page is completely loaded, just scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see Download button.
  • Hit on Download button and this will proceed to GoldenFalconOS download on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Once after you tap on Download button, you will see a screen where you have download links to download GoldenFalconOS iOS version and GoldenFalconOS Android version. You will have both Dark Mode and White Theme Mode GoldenFalconOS downloads available here.


  • Just tap on download link you want and this will be redirected to Profiles & Device Management screen and you will see a screen asking you to install Profile of GoldenFalconOS App.
  • Tap on Install button on the top right corner. When asked for confirmation, tap on Install again.
  • After the profile is installed, tap on Done button and go to home screen to find the downloaded GoldenFalconOS App.
  • Now if you want to install any app from GoldenFalconOS, you can download them for free. Once after installing any app, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and Trust app profile, otherwise you won’t be able to run those apps on your iPhone/iPad.

This is how we can download and Install GoldenFalconOS for iOS 10.1, 10.0.2, 10 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. If GoldenFalconOS not working on your device or if you are unable to download/install GoldenFalconOS on your iOS device just comment the error that you are getting and we will reach out you shortly. GoldenFalconOS  is also available for Android, below is the procedure to download GoldenFalconOS for Android.

GoldenFalconOS Apk download – GoldenFalconOS for Android

If you want to download GoldenFalconOS Apk for Android, then you can simply visit from your Android device and do that. Just follow below steps.

  • Visit from Android device
  • Once after the page is completely loaded, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Download button.


  • In the next page you will see GoldenFalconOS download links for both iOS and Android versions. Tap on GoldenFalconOS Download button Android version to download GoldenFalconOS Apk file. You can also download GoldenFalconOS Apk file form the below download button.

Download GoldenFalconOS Apk

  • Once you download the Apk file, you need to do few changes in your Phone settings. Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and Toggle ON Unknown sources to allow installation of apps from Unknown sources.
  • Now just go to GoldenFalconOS Apk file and tap on it to proceed with installation.

This is all about GoldenFalconOS Cydia alternative for both iOS and Android. Post your comments below if you are facing any issues/problems with GoldenFalconOS.

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