EveryCord iOS Download

EveryCord Download: Here we will see EveryCord iOS Download steps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without Jailbreak. EveryCord Screen Recorder iOS App is one of the much waited iOS Apps in the recent times. EveryCord iOS Download is now available for free and without jailbreak for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You may want a screen recording app to make videos of any tutorial, to record the installation steps of any software or may be to make a video of your own memories. Whatever may be your reason, EveryCord Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder app for iOS in the recent times.

EveryCord Download is now available from iEmulators and Tutu Helper, which may increase the number of EveryCord users drastically as Tutu Helper has become very popular which is being used by large number of users. Here I will let you know the procedure of EveryCord iOS Download No Jailbreak.

Everycord iOS Download

Everycord iOS Download

Here I will provide you EveryCord Install steps for iPhone/iPad without the need of Jailbreak. With the help of Tutu Helper, you can straightaway Install EveryCord iOS Screen Recorder on your iOS devices. EveryCord will be the best screen recorder app for the upcoming iOS 11. EveryCord Android Apk is also available for download, I will share the details in another post soon.

EveryCord iOS Download

EveryCord has got quite simple user interface with everything that you need to record a good video. It has got option to change theme to toggle between light and dark, enable and disable system sounds, can use external microphone to record your audio etc. But, after changing any settings, you must restart EveryCord App for the changes to take effect. One more important thing about EveryCord app is that you need internet connection to record videos. This seems to be a little drawback, but not a severe one.

EveryCord Install

EveryCord Install

EveryCord Screen Recorder Features

  • You can change the resolution of the video from 480p to 720p and 1080p if you need more clear recordings.
  • You can also record videos with the actual size of your iOS device.
  • EveryCord supports recordings at 30FPS and 60FPS at the cost of more internal memory.
  • Add external microphone to give audio input or you can use your device’s microphone.
  • You can protect your recordings and settings of EveryCord screen Recorder.

EveryCord iOS Download – EveryCord Install

If you are searching on how to get EveryCord then here is the step by step tutorial to download EveryCord for iOS devices without jailbreak.You can also install EveryCord by using EveryCord IPA using Cydia Impactor or just follow below steps to install EveryCord on iPhone/iPad.

EveryCord Download Steps

  • Download Tutu Helper App on your iOS device using the guide: Download Tutu Helper for iOS
  • Launch Tutu Helper and search for “EveryCord”.
  • Tap on Get button and wait for the download to finish.
EveryCord Download

EveryCord Download

  • Once the download is finished, you will be prompted with EveryCord Install window.
  • Tap on Install button and wait until the installation is finished.
  • Go to home screen and here you will see that EveryCord has installed.
EveryCord iOS Download

EveryCord iOS Download

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and Trust the profile of EveryCord App.
  • Now go to home screen and tap on EveryCord icon to launch the app and start recording your iPhone/iPad’s screen.

Hope that above EveryCord Install steps worked for you without any issues. EveryCord iOS Download is very easy with Tutu Helper. If you are facing any issues with EveryCord download, please comment below.

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  1. EveryCord Download is working fine.. Thanks to EveryCord screen recorder download

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  3. Evrycord from TutuApp keeps on saying “evrycord and 1 other app could not be downloaded at this time” PLEASE HELP!!

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