Download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1/8.3/8.1 Without Jailbreak

Download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1/8.3/8.1: Finally the wait is over, GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1 is out with some trending new features which you cannot imagine. You might have waited a long for GBA4iOS 2.1 download, as it will take time to bring everything to perfection so is the time taken to make sure everything is perfect. If you are already using GBA4iOS on your iOS devices here is the latest updated version, GBA4iOS 2.1. With some of the added features like the Dropbox support were integrated with GBA4iOS 2.0 and here are the latest features with GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 8.3/8.1/9.2/9.1.

download GBA4iOS 2.1

Download GBA4iOS 2.1

GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.1/9.2 Latest Features

  • Multiplayer option is now available with GBA4iOS 2.1, you can now be able to link up with your friends and play some games in multiplayer mode.
  • We can see that the dimensions of the screen of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are larger and now in this latest version of GBA4iOS, there is a support for new screen sizes too.
  • As we have in-app download of controller skins available with GBA4iOS, the default controller skins were updated with some new controller skins to improve the user experience.
  • Much awaited feature, in-app browser is now available with GBA4iOS 2.1 with which you may look into cheats and browse internet.

These are some of the latest features of GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 8.1/8.3/9.2/9.1. It’s almost like 10 months after the previous version is released, we got the update to download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iPad/iPhones. Similar to GBA4iOS 2.0, you no need to jailbreak your iDevices to install this best emulator. If you have already installed GBA4iOS 2.0, you can directly update it to 2.1 as GBA4iOS 2.1 is out as a software update to the existing version. Here we will see how to download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1/8.3/8.1 without jailbreak.

Download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1 Download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 8.3/8.1

The usual procedure to download GBA4iOS 2.0 is simplified this time to download GBA4iOS 2.1, as you will see the installation procedure below.

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPad/iPhones.
  • To download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1 click the below link and it will take you to the download page.

Download GBA4iOS iPA

  • On the top of the screen you will see the latest version of GBA4iOS, download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1/8.3/8.1 devices.
  • Don’t forget to set the date to the previous day before downloading GBA4iOS 2.1. This you can do from Settings -> General -> Date& Time.
  • Once GBA4iOS 2.1 is installed, you can again set the date back to the original date.

If you get error message while trying to launch GBA4iOS 2.1, you need to do few more things; you need to trust the profile of GBA4iOS 2.1 app to allow running of apps on iPhone/iPad. This you can do by simply going to Settings -> General -> Profiles. Here you will see the profile of GBA4iOS 2.1, just tap on it and Trust the profile. Now try to launch GBA4iOS 2.1, it should open without any errors.

Everything is done and Now GBA4iOS is in your iPad/iPhone, start downloading roms and controller skins and Enjoy Nintendo Gaming. Hope that I have guided you on how to download GBA4iOS 2.1 for iOS 9.2/9.1/8.3/8.1 without jailbreak. Post your errors to us to address your issues.

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